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Do you need a lawyer who produces? Or one who spews nonsense?

Results are essential. Period. And Nick Mudd achieves those results for his clients.

Nick Mudd is often known for his record-setting run of success in which he won five murder trials in four months. In the last two decades, no Kentucky attorney has even come close to breaking this record. However, he did not stop there. In December 2019, he obtained a record-setting medical malpractice award of $10.5 MILLION when a doctor left a surgical sponge in a patient during a routine cardiac operation. Nick Mudd now applies this knowledge, expertise, and tenacity to your case.

Nick Mudd has handled some of the most notable and high-profile cases in the nation. His cases have been covered by international news publications such as ABC World News, U.S. News & World Report, USA Today, and the Washington Times. Several mainstream media outlets have featured him as a guest commentator on a variety of criminal, civil, and social matters. Even his first appearance in Hollywood was in an episode of “Fear Thy Neighbor.”

His ambition is straightforward: to be “The Best.” Every time. Each time. For each and every client, regardless of their issues. Call him immediately for assistance with your issue.






Started Practicing

Nick Mudd started as a prosecutor with the commonwealth attorney's office.

Opened Private Practice

Nick went into private practice.

Winning Streak

Nick Mudd set a record winning streak of winning 5 murder trails in 4 months.

Huge Malpractice Win

December 2019 won a record setting medical malpractice verdict of $10.5 MILLION in damages after a doctor left a surgical sponge in a patient during a routine heart surgery.

Improved team

Brittany was hired as a paralegal.


Why Choose Mudd Legal Group?

Mudd Legal Group is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for every client who walks through the door. You have three options remaining: the case is dropped, the client pleads guilty, or the matter proceeds to trial.


“I almost always work out a great deal for my clients. But when the other side won’t give me what I want, they know they have to face me at trial. And no one is going to outwork me. Nobody. Period.” – Nick Mudd